Our overriding concern continues to be the health and safety of colleagues and their families, customers, our business partners and their local communities. All public health measures advised by governments are being followed in support of efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Our UK sites, regional offices and global dealer network are complying fully with local advice in order to safeguard the health of staff, customers and the wider community.



Aston Martin Lagonda has been working closely with employees and trade unions to develop and implement protocols to protect employee health and safety in our production facilities so that we are able to return to work.


The Company reopened its St Athan manufacturing facility on 5th May 2020, and as part of this process is carefully following Public Health Wales and England guidelines which protect the safety of our people. Taking the learnings, in terms of health and safety, from the reopening of St Athan, our Gaydon manufacturing operations are planned to resume later.


Aston Martin dealers in the UK are now open and able to assist most enquiries by appointment. They remain contactable by phone and email, details can be found on our dealer locator.


We have taken steps to protect your Warranty while you were without normal access to your preferred dealer.

Warranty Extension

Where your New Car Warranty was due to expire from 14th March to 30th June 2020, your warranty will be extended until 30th June 2020. You do not need to take any action; this will happen automatically.



During the period of lockdown restrictions, we have waived the condition in your Owner's Guide stating that failure to adhere to specified service intervals may invalidate your warranty coverage.


If your Aston Martin was due for a service which could not be carried out on time due to restrictions, your warranty cover will be unaffected on the basis that the service is performed within 3 months or 2,000 miles of the due date.


Servicing can now be arranged by appointment at your preferred dealer.


If you require urgent vehicle maintenance, please contact your Aston Martin dealer for advice or alternatively contact Aston Martin Client Services on 01926 644722.


Looking after your Aston Martin

We suggest you follow these simple steps which will keep your Aston Martin in good condition while you may not be able to drive it as you normally would.


Battery Care

To build up charge in the battery, we recommend starting your car once a week. On the first occasion run your Aston Martin for 30 mins with the cabin at room temperature (typically 20-22 Celsius or 68-72 Fahrenheit). Repeat this process for 15 minutes each week.


If you have an approved Aston Martin battery charger, we suggest that you connect this to your Aston Martin when the vehicle is not in use.


If you would like to purchase an approved charger, please contact your Aston Martin dealer.



To avoid flat spots and to keep your tyres inflated, check the tyre pressure against those listed in your vehicle manual. If possible, move your Aston Martin by a ¼ of a wheel turn once every 14 days, to change the point of pressure.


Brake Maintenance

We recommend gently applying the brakes at low speed when first driving your car. This will help to remove any surface corrosion on the brake discs.

Support and Contact

Roadside Assistance

Aston Martin Roadside Assistance can be contacted on:


00800 2886 2886 (UK & EU)

1-888-59ASTON or 1-888-592-7866 (USA)

1800 883 513 (Australia)

0120-977-866 (Japan)


Other Enquiries


Should you have any questions regarding support for your Aston Martin ownership, please contact your Dealer. Alternatively, please contact the Aston Martin Client Services team on 01926 644722.